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Ocean Newline Co., Ltd., and its trading company—Ocean Trading Ltd., Part. was established back in the 1960’s by the founder and current President, Mr. Kim Apilikitsmai, targeting in supplying and installing all kinds of blinds and curtains to serve all use and purposes; i.e. for stage halls, meeting rooms, residential/commercial windows, hotel ballrooms and restaurants. And ever since, motorised and manually operated horizontal blinds(Venetian blinds), vertical blinds, roller blinds, canopies and awnings were added into our product lines expanding our capability in the blind awnings industry.


To meet with increasing demands we expand our range of products by supplying and installing products concerning conference halls. Products such as manually operated, or motorised control projection screens, conference and meeting room armchairs, auditorium armchairs and accessories.


In 1987, we were honoured to be trusted with installing motorised partition, motorised control projection screens, conference chairs, multipurpose chairs and tables for Queen Sirikit National Convention Center which was established and named after her Majesty the Queen Sirikit of Thailand.


After some decades long of work experience, we are confident to say that Ocean Newline has a formidable reputation amongst interior designers and architects for our specialisation in supplying and installation of many kinds of curtain systems. And by this point we are expanding our specialisation into bigger and tougher projects structurally and technically; installing projection screens, canopies, awnings conference/public seatings. 


Recently, we have introduced Jakob Inoxline; a full range of strong and extremely durable stainless steel wire ropes and connectors which further improves our versatility and vision for architectural perfection.    


We offer many more notable projects, some of which we have compiled in our home page. A compilation of past projects which is a testament to our professionalism, experience and work ethic.  

Our Vision

Ocean Newline Corporation, as the leading producer and sub-contractor of solar protection and blinds architectural design in Thailand, we thrive for a more sustainable and comfortable environment for both your living space and workplace. Our ceaseless endeavour to seek an evermore cutting-edge product for our clients' boundless imagination is key to why we have prospered for more than half a century. Design working in tandem with functionality is what we value. Our aim and goal is clear; to strive for a smarter building and a better environment. 

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