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Ocean Newline Limited is the leading solution provider for thermal and visual comfort via cutting-edge solar protection technology. By utilising natural light levels to control solar heat gain Ocean Newline Limited are able to provide solutions for Thailand's residential homes right through to commercial structures for over 70 years. 


The ‘know-how’ to the ingenuity of these systems from our longstanding relationship with our partners plus our understanding of the tropical Thai climate gives us the confidence in our competency to integrate these systems into your homes and commercial buildings with high efficiency.  


We offer a wide variety of products which we encourage you to explore more on our website. Past projects which are a testament to our experience and specialisation can also be explored in the 'Our Clients' and products' gallery for each product.  



  • Fully automated controlled ventilation system for healthy and well-being indoor air.

  • Regulates indoor air with 24-hours air quality control.

  • Ventilates undesired air particles i.e. CO2 , excess moisture VOCs (chemicals found in products built in homes) and BO (body odour).

  • Energy-efficient with smart automated systems. 

  • Quick and well integrated installation.

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